J&Q acts as the litigant agent of Lipu in the case...
J&Q acts as the litigant agent of Lipu in the case of patent infringement of needle guidess and turns the tide and wins in the second instance
China Intellectual Property News has posted an article “Needle Guides Cause a Patent Dispute” on 9th November, which reported the dispute on the utility model patent infringement between JingFang Precision Medical Device (ShenZhen) Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Leapmed Healthcare Corporation. J&Q has acted as the agent of Lipu in the   litigation proceedings and the procedure of invalidation. The case took two years and three months and finally, Lipu was supported by the Supreme People's Court. In the course of the trial, several dramatic reversals attracted the attention of a reporter from China Intellectual Property News, who took the initiative to report on the case and interviewed Liu Jun, the head of J&Q.
 The case went through a tortuous process. At first, Jingfang has modified part of the claims and they were upheld. Then Lipu was awarded 1.1 million RMB in damages in first instance and appealed to the Supreme Court. After that, CNIPA invalidated the patent modified by Jifang, and eventually, the Supreme Court reversed  the first instance judgment and dismissed Jingfang's all claims.
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